Construction company

The setup

R&C Appalti S.r.l., later R&C Appalti S.r.l., was created in 1985 with the intention of undertaking extraordinary maintenance work as well as building in the construction industry. Today it has a staff of specialized and expert professionals, in addition to technical staff who all have many years of experience with planning and management in the petrol, military, healthcare and catering sectors.

R&C Appalti S.r.l. has the following certifications:

Attestato SOA n. 52967/17/00 Classifica OG1 V e OG11 I;

Certificazione UNI EN ISO 9001:2015
Certificazione UNI EN ISO 45001:2018
Certificazioni Speciali.

For the past 30 years, the company has created:
  • Private residences;
  • Restaurants, cafeterias, fast-food eateries;
  • Offices;
  • Healthcare facilities;
  • Military facilities (meeting rooms, lodgings, reception areas and restricted areas);
  • structural work;
  • garages;

and all of the above were carried out with the aim of guaranteeing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

A joint effort

Each project is carried out with the joint efforts of coordination, management and technical-financial supervision in every one of its aspects, and are entrusted to professionals who provide successful service.

Every detail of the construction site phases is studied carefully in order to provide a perfect synergy among the different companies that work in it, thus eliminating waste of time and resources, and guaranteeing maximum safety.

The coordination between the administrative office for material supply, the technical office for real-time updating of the necessary documents, and the careful management of the other specialized companies involved (electrical, mechanical, special systems) guarantee complete customer satisfaction and quick results. Our technicians personally supervise work management and safety.

The material used is top quality, purchased directly from our trusted suppliers and furnished to our customers at competitive prices. The set-up is carried out with utmost care and attention by our specialized staff in order to enhance the aesthetic qualities.

The sub-contract companies that have been our reliable partners for many years, have specialized staff in their respective areas of competence, and this guarantees us top quality results.

R&C Appalti has over the years acquired modern equipment that allows it to carry out at its best the work required: Faraone scaffolding and rolling scaffolds, concrete mixers and wet mixers of various sizes, Hilti medium and high-powered tools, vans, lifting equipment and safety management equipment.

The commercial aspect of providing furnishings, machinery and specific equipment is carried out by the company itself, which is able to find and/or purchase any type of material required for building and/or furnishing (offices, banks, hotels, meeting rooms, residences, healthcare facilities, etc.) in any part of the world, directly from the producers.