Service and maintenance

R&C Appalti offers maintenance services in all areas of operation that necessitate maintaining in object in an efficient state.

The maintenance project places itself in the goal planning phase, introducing new parameters for the reading and evaluation of the on-site building premises. A new aspect is included among the instruments of choice making: the time variable.

Maintenance sets itself up as:

  1. a discipline that intervenes not only ex post but also ex ante with regard to planning, taking on the role of connection between the use of technical systems and their planning and production;
  2. as an instrument of knowledge based on the study of the use of a good from which modifications and improvements can arise both in the process and in the product (learning by doing), generating a continuous planning cycle.

Maintenance has, therefore, taken on, in time, a “planning characteristic” and not only a conservative one. It is an ongoing planning activity in the definition of standards that define the building performance in its useful life.

For every building type, the technological structures represent the vital framework, a fundamental component for the management and usability of the entire building. The quality of the structures and their easy maintenance contribute to the architectural value.

The company avails itself of the constant collaboration of external professional who are closely integrated, for the planning of interventions related to specific consultancies and carries out the following:

  • Air conditioning systems design that conform to current laws;
  • Heating systems design;
  • Bathroom-plumbing systems design in any type of buildings;
  • Electric systems design for civilian, industrial and services sectors, including the design of electric distribution switchboards.

R&C Appalti offers a complete service for the design and execution of compliance of the fire-prevention systems and the handling of all paperwork regarding the fire prevention certificates.