Order management

A full service

The general contractor’s services in the field of constructions springs from the recurring need to provide customers, whether they are private or businesses, Italian or foreign, a complete and flexible service that suits their needs. It covers planning, realization and completion of all the necessary paperwork for the start-up of the work, communicating with the external representatives in the case where these are different from the institutional bodies interested in the solution of the request.

R&C Appalti provides all the services necessary, both from the executive point of view and the technical-administrative consultancy and management one. One professional is in charge of managing all this without overlooking the details and guaranteeing a high level of competence and quality, timely execution and the certainty that the project is followed in every step, from beginning to end.

Dealing with only one supplies guarantees that the customer receives optimization of the costs of materials and manpower.

How we do it
Acquisition of the Work

The office interacts with the customer through the analysis and definition of the customer’s needs with the support of specialized technicians.

Planning and estimate preparation

The intervention is planned in its various construction phases in order to provide a punctual, complete and high-quality service.

The work goes through a first important phase: technical inspection and survey of the sites, then design and analysis and cost estimates.

Every analysis comprises elementary and/or semi-finished goods, that allows for the realization of multi-level price analysis.

In order to do this, various price lists are used (Prezzari gratuiti Regionali, Camerali, Provinciali) and the Price Lists and Analysis of the DEI, as well as the bids of the individual suppliers who are in direct contact with the company.

Once the estimate preparation phase is complete and the work is evaluated, the commercial office prepares a detailed offer and takes care of the tender specifications, technical contacts and contract outlines, taking all these into consideration for the streamlining of the customer’s preliminary project.

Technical and administrative management

The technical-administrative department prepares all the documentation (POS and all that is necessary for site safety, legal hiring practices, subcontracting, insurance, regularity of payments to institutions such as Asl (local health authority), Municipality, VVFF (fire departmenti) etc., the necessary initial steps for access to a building site and the execution of the work.

It manages, therefore, the executive planning (Progettazione esecutiva - D.lgs. 81/08 e s.m.i.), the work management (Direzione lavori), management of the alternation of the building site companies, and the final inspection and delivery of the work, as well as the completion of all administrative documents up to the attainment of all authorizations and/or permits and land registry adjustments.